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Bloody Boat People



Bloody Boat People

This illustration has been an incredible testament to the amazing people power of social media. After drawing it in 2012, I had it published online at The Window Dressers Arms. Soon after it was picked up on social media and went viral. The Asylum Seekers Resources Centre posted online and it quickly received well over 47,000 shares.

It has now been printed in over 50,000 High School texts books as part of Australian history. It is also now part of the Indigenous School curriculum in Tasmania, was featured in Tracker Magazine, is about to be printed in another round of 9500 text books for another leading global publisher and will now be printed in an upcoming book about living together in inclusive societies and distributed at the 2016 United Nations Alliance Of Civilizations Forum.

It continually pops up on social media, in articles and schools, with teachers and students writing to me asking if they can use it in their curriculum and essays.

It is truly wonderful to see such a positive response from people all over the world. Thank you all for your kind words and support.

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