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Muslim Funaddicts


Muslim Funaddicts is a social awareness initiative that I Co-Founded to break down common misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding the Muslim community.  The concept grew as a response to the inherent lack of positive imagery the Muslim community receive in popular culture, not only in Australia, but also on a global scale.

The portrayal of Islam in the mass media is generally framed in a negative light and is not a correct representation of the community as a whole.

Australia is a multicultural nation, filled with a brilliant array of rich heritage and culture from all over the world. Muslim Funaddicts is a grassroots campaign that engages both the Muslim community and the wider Australian community by bridging the disconnect between the popular negative stereotypes regarding aspects the Muslim community and the positivity that the Muslim community contributes to society and the world.


The project uses satire, humour and a light hearted approach to engage the public in an effort to show that a small minority of people whose ideology does not represent the Muslim community as a whole should not be the image of the vast majority.


The idea behind the name is to highlight the fun and playful side of the Muslim community. It is a friendly reminder that we are “Fun addicts, not fanatics.” The aim of the which is to change the current narrative that is steeped in negative connotations to one filled with positivity, in a light hearted and fun way.


The project was originally launched at universities throughout Australia and has since gone on to be launched internationally. The response of the project thus far has been overwhelmingly positive, with people from all over the world requesting Funaddicts branded merchandise and content. Don’t worry, we still have some FREE downloadable sweet swag packs for you…  Oh yeah… We were also invited to launch and present in Indonesia to a packed hall of over 300 university students, academics, politicians and media. #Awesome!


Reuben Brand launching Muslim Funaddicts in Indonesia

Check out the website and Facebook page to keep up with all the latest Funaddicts fun n games…

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