Reuben Brand – Photo by Ash Berdebes

Reuben Brand is currently the Founder and Creative Director of Brand Imagination, a boutique design and social change agency that believes in changing the world and leaving it in a better place than we found it.

He has been a practising creative for over 20 years, with works being published internationally in over 300,000 history textbooks, educational based curriculums, numerous academic journals, United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Forum books and various online platforms and media outlets. He has worked on international campaigns that have changed policy and public opinion, built social awareness campaigns, worked on an Oscar nominated film and has a demonstrated history of working in the community development sector.

He has also been working with Google and Youtube for the past 4 years, training and mentoring the next generation of social media influencers through the creative process of content creation during the Creators for Change program.

During his career he spent a large amount of time traveling, living and working in the Middle East and South Asia. He first visited Pakistan in 2005, just after the devastating earthquakes and has been returning to the region ever since. He worked as a journalist and documented the ever changing political landscape, the ongoing war with the Taliban and the impending US presence in the border regions.

Reuben also lived and worked in Syria, where he was fortunate enough to experience the beauty of the region before the current conflict began. He was based in Damascus and formed a great love for the Syrian people and way of life.

His work saw him travel through the Middle East extensively and has given him a deep respect and understanding of the different religions, beliefs, cultures and immense history of the region.

He co-founded an awesome initiative called Muslim Funaddicts, a project that actively empowers people to breakdown common negative stereotypes and misconceptions that continue to surround the Muslim community by using fun, engaging and positive messaging to counter the current barrage of online negativity.

His passion for all things food related inspired him to create The Gutsy Cook, an unpolished adventure through the world of food, fun, horrendously bad jokes and other cool things. It is basically the food show you never knew you always wanted to watch!

Reuben loves to find creative solutions to the difficult problems life can throw our way and is always working on new and exciting projects.

Reuben is a classically trained artist and has been drawing ever since he could pick up a pencil. Illustration and cartooning is his way of communicating his thoughts, feelings and ideas without having to say a word and is one of his favourite past times.

He has a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art from the National Art School where he studied drawing, painting, art theory, photography and majored in Middle Eastern art and early Islamic ceramics. He also completed a Master Degree in Media Practice from the University of Sydney where he furthered his love of the written word.

To date Reuben has worked on projects in Australia, Bahrain, Indonesia, Kuwait, London, Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Syria, and the UAE. There is always something on the drawing board, so watch this space for new exciting projects and initiatives.