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Damn You Dutton!

This is my response to Peter Dutton’s latest racially divisive remarks regarding the local Muslim community. It was published in New Matilda.

Stay classy Peter Dutton. Your lack of insight, foresight and hindsight is startling for a person in your position. Your racism and uninformed comments have no place in this country.


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  1. Sally Mack says:

    Dear Reuben,
    Thank you for this cartoon. It shows Manus and Nauru perfectly as the Gibbet Isles.
    Our masters think they are so modern, yet this practice of Gibbeting is Victorian/Mediaeval.
    As a Christian I think of the Bible verse John 11:50, and the asylum seekers as being in the place of Jesus, according to our government. and I think of the phrase , ‘Jesus wept’.

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