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The Gutsy Cook

The Gutsy Cook is an unpolished adventure through the world of food, fun, horrendously bad jokes and other cool things. It is basically the food show you never knew you always wanted to watch!

This project has been a labour of love for a long time now. I first started working on it years ago in my spare time at home and am thrilled to see it finally come to life.

Season 1 an exploration of Dude Food… Burgers, gypsy meat hot dogs, sliders… you name it! New seasons are already in development, so watch this space.

Please feel free to subscribe on YouTube, like, share, make unfounded claims about random conspiracy theories, or even comment on the videos, whatever floats your boat… Watch the videos, make yourself some delicious food, take a sneaky pic, tag me #thegutsycook then sit on the couch in your trackies (that you’ve been wearing for the past three months) eat copious amounts of everything and really contemplate your life.

Check out The Gutsy Cook on the line:

Instagram: @thegutsycook

Facebook: @thegutsycook

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