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Chief Justice reinstated

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March 16, 2009

After a day of intense rioting in Lahore, the current government has publically annouced that Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammed Choudhry will be reinstated....

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Arrest the opposition

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March 15, 2009

Nawaz Sharrif, leader of the major opposition party (PML-N) has been placed under house arrest today by the Zardari Government. Dozens of political workers have already been arrested in early morning raids and orders have also been given to arrest Imran Khan along with a score of other prominent political...

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PPP Rally in Rawalpindi

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March 3, 2009

I found myself in the midst of a Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) rally today. “Roll, duck and cover” was never far from my mind as a dear friend phoned me to warn of another PPP protest that had just turned violent. Demonstrators converged, at the now shrine, where Benazir Bhutto was assassinated....

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