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Ahmadinejad 1, Couric 0

In an interview last week with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, CBS journalist Katie Couric got more than she bargained for.


Whilst pressing Ahmadinejad about Neda Soltan, an Iranian woman who was shot and killed by Iranian forces during a protest in June this year, Couric showed a photo of the womans body and asked “what would you say to her family?” – President Ahmadinejad conveyed his sorrow at her death, then turned the tables on Couric and produced his own photograph of another woman. He asked Couric if she knew who the woman was. Couric said she didn’t. And thats when the fun begins.


The woman in Ahmadinejad’s Photograph is Marwa Ali El-Sherbini – who was stabbed to death 20 times by a neo Nazi inside a German Court. The woman’s husband ran to her aid only to be shot at by German police.


Ahmadinejad asks why the Western Media didn’t report on Marwa Ali El-Sherbini’s death in the same manner as they did with Nada Sultan. Ahmadinejad raises some very good points, well worth a watch:  


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