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Australian MP spreading the message of hate

imagesSouth Australian Liberal Senator, Cory Bernardi, is Australia’s very own Geert Wilders. Not something to be proud of. Islamophobia is on the rise and people such as Wilders and Bernardi and flying the flag of hatred and racism.

In documents obtained exclusively by,  Bernardi clearly states his Islamophobic views and claims that “fundamentalist Islam in Australia has been linked with… Gang rapes being justified by Muslim Clerics… Hate speeches being espoused in Australian mosques in the name of Allah… ” and so on and so forth.

Whilst over on Bernardi’s personal website he really lets loose and goes on to concoct a fantastical conspiracy of Australia being targeted by a Sharia “stealth movement.” Oh please…

“…the very real threat of Islamic extremism that is already at work within our communities, intent on destabilising our nation and undermining our values.”

“Their ultimate goal is not simply to ‘punish the west’, it is to claim this nation for Islam and implement Sharia (or Islamic) law.”

“Outside of the threat of radicalised violence, we are also wise to be concerned about the long-term price of the ‘Sharia by stealth’ movement.”

The most embarrassing thing is that Bernardi is actually a Member of the Australian Parliament. How does this even happen? Hate speech should be shunned whenever it raises it’s ugly head, not celebrated and tolerated – especially when it comes from a public figure.


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