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Critics of Israel are now to be labeled as “anti-Semitic”

Since when did critising Israel become and act of “anti-Semitism,” or a hate crime? Apparantly since “500 lawmakers, diplomats and academics from over 50 nations met in Jerusalem to consider the threat of “mushrooming” criticism of Israel.”


Freedom of speech is quickly becoming a hate crime it would seem – get ready to kiss your civil liberties goodbye : – Israel’s Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, quoting ADL head Foxman, said much of the world has now “crossed the line” from legitimate criticism of Israel into an epidemic of anti-Semitism. Also speaking for the government of Israel was Diaspora Foreign Minister Yuli Edelstein who warned that global anti-Semitism “has been able to gain endorsement from academics, media outlets, and even political parties.” Edelstein says, “to be ‘anti-Israel’ is to be anti-Semitic. To boycott Israel, Israeli professors and Israeli businesses, these are not political acts, these are acts of hate, acts of anti-Semitism!”


“Look at the reality Israelis face when traveling to international athletic, business and academic events. More and more, when they arrive in Sweden, Turkey, England, and even the United States, they must lecture and perform before hostile or even violent crowds, requiring police protection. We must not hesitate to expose this hatred for what it is. It is a strong and vile form of xenophobia [fear of foreigners]. It expresses itself through violence, mockery and exclusion. It is directed toward the outside, toward that which is different, in appearance, speech or prayer.” “It is discrimination against Jews, because they are Jews. In short, it is anti-Semitism.” (Jerusalem Post, December 16, 2009, “Verbatim: Anti-Semites Have Warped Tiny Israel Into Goliath”)

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