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Death of innocence in Syrian uprising

203572_202038843174689_1837128_nAs the Syrian uprising grows momentum, so does the backlash from the Government. It has been reported that Hamza Alkhateeb, a young 13 year old boy, who had joined his family in a peaceful march in the city of Deraa to break the police siege where civilians had been randomly killed by security forces, was detained, tortured and killed.

“Hamza was detained amongst hundreds & his tortured body was later returned to his family with his genitals cut & bruises all over his body. We will never be silent. We are all Hamza Alkhateeb.” Stated a post on a Facebook page set up in memory of Hamza.

Children later protested in Damascus holding photos of Hamza and waving placards that read “Remember security men, you also have kids just like us.” “Why did you turn my school into a prison.” “Where is Unicef?”

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