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IDF: Medals of honour for killing civilians

IDF soldiers who took part in the devastating attack “Operation Cast Lead,” on Gaza have been awarded medals of honour for heroism and bravery.

On the 27 of December 2008, Israeli forces brutally attacked Gaza without warning. For 22 days the IDF bombarded Gaza, raising parts of it to the ground, killing over 1400 people – mostly all unarmed civilians.

Where is the bravery and heroism in this?

OC Southern Command Maj.-Gen. Yoav Galant, presented the soldiers with their medals and said that during the incursion into Gaza “the IDF reached its goals. The enemy was badly beaten. IDF soldiers acted out of faith in the justice of our cause, and their moral norms are praiseworthy.”

Galant also told those present that “in the tough hours of the trial through fire you bravely and resiliently persevered. You are a lighthouse of morality and values.”

“Their moral norms are praiseworthy?”

“A lighthouse of morality and values?”

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