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Israel arrests one year old “terrorist” baby.

Israeli citizens can sleep in safety now that the one year old baby, Fahd Louai Shuqair, has been placed under house arrest.


Israeli authourities arrested the infant claiming that because he was born in Damascus he must be a terrorist. Nice one Israel, yet another human rights abuse to add to your collection.


The Oxford online dictionary defines a terrorist as “a person who uses violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.”  It’s hard to imagine a one year old infant using violence and intimidation to pursue a political agenda now isnt it? Remind me again who the terrorists are? 


SYRIA TODAY: Israeli authorities have put a one-year-old baby, Fahd Louai Shuqair, under house arrest for two years because he was born in Damascus, local media reported last month.


Shuqair’s parents, who were studying at the University of Damascus at the time of his birth, recently moved back to their village in the Israeli-occupied Golan, only to be informed by authorities that their baby was being put under house arrest.


The baby’s uncle, Ihsan Shuqair, said the family had expected some harassment from Israeli authorities, but the house arrest “exceeded all expectations”. He said the baby is now unable to visit a doctor or accompany his mother to see relatives.


“The Israeli occupation forces’ excuse is that the baby is a terrorist because he was born in Damascus,” Shuqair said.

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