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Kim Jong-Il + Dmitry Medvedev =Trans-Korean Pipeline

Pepe Escobar on Kim Jong-Il’s new pipeline…

“As much of the world – and news headlines – were transfixed by NATO’s “humanitarian” war in Libya, few noticed as a 69-year-old sporting a trademark Mao-style khaki jumpsuit and wearing sunglasses stepped out of a black armoured Mercedes in the back of beyond in Siberia.”

“Our character was, of course, the inimitable Dear Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Kim Jong-Il. Notoriously aviation-averse, Kim was rolling down the tundra in splendourous Old World style, in a carriage offered as a gift to his father, DPRK’s founder Kim Il-Sung, by none other than Joseph Stalin.” Read more…

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