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Obama calls for a world without Nukes

President Obama is going to call for a world free from nuclear weapons in a speech he is to deliver on Sunday in Prague.


“Even with the Cold War over, the spread of nuclear weapons or the theft of nuclear material could lead to the extermination of any city on the planet – this weekend in Prague, I will lay out an agenda to seek the goal of a world without nuclear weapons,” Said Obama in a meeting in Strasbourg, France on Friday.


Obama’s stance against Iran’s nuclear programme has not changed – “We can not have a nuclear arms race in the Middle East,” he said. Now with fresh support from Russia, the idea of  “a world without nuclear weapons” is more likley to mean “a world without nuclear weapons in Iran, or any other Muslim country.”


Well, good luck Pakistan. There is no wonder why Admiral Mike Mullen feels so “comfortable” about the security of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons – the US have their sights firmly set on the region and like a dog with a bone, they wont give up until its either been devoured or buried.


Maybe America should lead by example and disarm its own nuclear arsenal first. Now thats a novel idea…

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