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Pakistan heats up… Yet again…

Two back-to-back suicide attacks at the International Islamic University in Islamabad have left at least two dead and scores injured. One explosion was in the mens section of the University, whilst the other targeted the cafeteria in the women’s section – all victims were students aged between 18 and 25.

A good friend of mine, currently living in Rawalpindi, told me today that all schools around the country will now be closed for at least one week due to the ongoing attacks – but life goes on in this difficult country, as it must, with one young student making the most of his time off school, posting the following message on Facebook, “2morrow holiday yahooooooo………3 days holiday bcoz of THREAT……. 2 much happy..”

Pakistan has been rocked with attacks over the past weeks – A suicide bombing on Friday in Peshawar, killing at least 13 people, mostly all civilians.

One day earlier, Thursday – Two police stations and the Federal Investigations Agency in Lahore were attacked by militants, killing over 30 police officers and civilians – 10 attackers also died.

October 10 – Militants held dozens of hostages for over 22 hours in the Rawalpindi Army Headquarters – 11 military personel, three civilians and nine militants were killed.

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