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Pakistan on High Alert

Pakistan’s military is now in a state of high alert, as a possible attack by India becomes more probable.

Blogger, writer and close friend, Danielle Ali Shah, who now lives in Pakistan, informed me today that it is “Looking like a war will erupt here at any minute – We have had war planes flying over all day every day this week. We are all expecting to hear bombs dropping at any time,” she said.

Aljazeera English reported that the only surviving attacker from the Mumbai hotel blasts last month had handed over a letter saying that all 10 attackers were from Pakistan.

“Kamal Hyder, Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Pakistan, said Pakistan’s media had attributed its reports to military sources, who were confirming that the navy, air force and army were on red alert

Hyder said that the chiefs of Pakistan’s three armed forces were holding what had been described as an emergency meeting at general headquarters in Rawalpindi.”

The peace process between the two nations, initiated in 2004, has become heavily strained since the Mumbai attacks – Pakistan and India have fought three wars since the partition and independence from Britain in 1947 and are now looking down the barrel of a fourth.

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