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Syria… What are you doing?

Thousands are missing and thousands are dead, as Syrians continue to struggle for freedom.

The following videos show the Syrian military torturing and abusing civilians accused of demonstrating.

This man was is being forced to say “There is no god but Bashar” (the president) and “There is no god but Mahar” (the president’s brother, who is in control of the Mukhabarat aka secret police.)

In Islam reciting the Shahada, “There is no god but God and Muhammed is the Messenger of God,” is a declaration of belief and faith – so to make this man recite otherwise is basically making him renounce his belief.
Apparently he was found dead afterwards. Tortured.



This video shows civilians being abused and beaten by soldiers, when they try to plead their innocence they are beaten some more.

“You have the right to kill me, if you have proof that I did what you said!”  Says one man.

“I swear to God! I work in cement! I have nothing to do with that (protests)” Says another.
“I swear to God… Who works in cement helps to build the barriers, who works in iron helps to make the swords, who works as a baker feeds you, who works in cloth helps you in tents… If you have proof I was in the demonstration, kill me. I swear to God.”
The beatings continue until the prisoners can do nothing but cry out “for God’s sake!” but quickly change it to “for Bashar’s sake!” to stop the soldiers from kicking them.


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