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Taliban: Bearded Aliens

In 1940 the Nazi’s portreyed Jews to be nothing more than filthy vermin in the propoganda film “Der Ewige Jude” (The Eternal Jew).

In 2009 the Americans liken Muslims to aliens.

I guess its easier to kill someone when they’re either a rat or from another planet.

“A FUNDAMENTAL reason why our intelligence agencies, military leaders and (above all) Washington pols can’t understand Afghanistan is that they don’t recognize that we’re dealing with alien life-forms.

Oh, the strange-minded aliens in question resemble us physically. We share a few common needs: We and the aliens are oxygen breathers who require food and water at frequent intervals. Our body casings feel heat or cold. We’re divided into two sexes (more or less). And we’re mortal.

But that’s about where the similarities end, analytically speaking. “

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