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Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death

Upon the Surrender of thousands of Taliban prisoners to US allied troops in Afghanistan in 2001, Jamie Doran, former BBC producer, reports in his film Afghan Massacre – The Convoy of Death, on the humanitarian atrocities that took place under the watchful eyes of The US military.

Some three thousand prisoners were loaded into sealed metal containers to be transported by truck to Sheberghan prison.

Roughly 20 minutes later cries could be heard coming from inside the containers as oxygen began to run out.

US allied Afghan soldiers then fired shots into the containers, killing prisoners indiscriminately.

The road trip lasted for up to four days. Many of the prisoners were dead on arrival, the rest were re-directed into the desert by US Special Forces, murdered and dumped into mass graves.

This massace happened in 2001 – Its now only six days away from 2009 and still very little has been done about this and other US led war crimes.

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